A Shade of Green and Gold
Messing around with Sketchbook Pro. I think I’m starting to fall for digital now. XD

Messing around with Sketchbook Pro. I think I’m starting to fall for digital now. XD

Recent sketches from my sketchbook. I really need to sketch more. ^_^;



Success, a short comic about following your dreams

(made in celebration of my Facebook page reaching 100K Likes)

tears, every tear, so much tears

Just a random idea I had of my character transforming.

Things as of Late.

Well, sorry for being awol and non productive for awhile. I’m back and listing current plans/events.

1. Learning 2D Animation/Digital Art - This is going fairly better than last time’s vent. I’m currently more mellow and trying to get the hang of things.

2. 3D Animation/Art - I’ve also been branching out and modeling here and there when I can. Future projects may follow this path, I dunno yet.

3. Old School Revival - Since it seems like a year of revivals, I’m currently doing the such with my work, giving it a retro and fresh coat of paint, so to speak.

That’s pretty much it. I thank my friends for their advice, and their support as of late. In other news, had some great food yesterday as a b-day treat. Hey, pizza and chinese is always good. XD


I cannot for the life of me figure out completely digital art. I’m sorry, but in art classes I learned the traditional route, and ultimately I’m more skilled at such. I don’t really like how a tablet feels, compared to pen and paper, which leads to frustration when a project I worked on most of the year, turns out average. Sighs, maybe one day I’ll get it, or I’ll just stick with traditional. Anyways, vent/rant over. Later. :-)

Still testing out things.

Some new stuff I’ve been sketching here and there.

LJ and Carl getting prepared for battle, among other things. A quick animation I did, for about a day or so. Using things I’ve learned, like drafting and inbetweening. More stuff soon. :-)